Never Let Another Project Fail

4 min readJun 10, 2022


The project is due and is nowhere near completion, let alone done properly. Someone is about to get fired, disorganization and accountability don’t appear anywhere, nothing makes sense, and management seems to just blame staff. We’ve all been in this position, things start going wrong when managers, teams, or individuals start doing their own thing vs following the original plan and staying within the prescribed budget. What remedy is there to prevent such a situation from occurring and leading into chaos…and thus a complete failure of deliverables? Enter, a project management system which solves multiple workflow issues through a linear chronological approach where everyone in the team is kept accountable and knows exactly what needs to get done.

A project management system is designed to ensure all aspects of a work are completed properly all the way down to the individual task level. With such a system, managers can plan, instruct, delegate tasks, and observe labor all from one main dashboard. Such managerial powers ensures that progress is made daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute, thus never underperforming client expectations but rather always being able to give them new updates!

State The Mission Objective

With project management systems, parameters from the client are set, and the final goal is communicated to staff. For example, the mission could be constructing a new building, plane, or ship to the desired specifications outlined by the customer. This must be known and understood by all employees

Issue Instruction

The greatest thing about project management systems is that they are so efficient at communicating instructions. Managers must be clear and concise with their directions and thanks to using a project management system, they can assign tasks individually to hold people accountable. This type of centralized setup works wonders in a top-down management approach to getting things done on time


Naturally, there are going to be those that believe a centralized top-down approach to operating teams and individuals is too conservative, outdated, and dictatorial. For this reason, project transparency is needed, and once again, there’s no better software to use than a project management system. Every employee, manager, or subordinate (even clients if they are granted access) can see what everyone else is doing. So, you walk into work, log in to your project dashboard and immediately see what everyone else is working on, in real time, and how far along they are into it. This way, staff can get familiar with the hardships, worth ethic, or efforts their peers are putting in, it also fosters a competitive environment where employees want to showcase their best work because they know everyone is watching.

If a project is falling behind, other employees can assist or managers can adjust accordingly, in real time. So, from another perspective, project management systems are not a super centralized managers dream land where he or she can issue commands, but rather a shared space where all work is visible via the main dashboard, where employees can conversate via a live chat, and where co-workers can help each other by leaving notes. Such an environment encourages teamwork and understanding while working within an organized structured timeline.

Thanks to being cloud-based, project management systems have the added benefit of ensuring nothing ever gets deleted! So, if the new intern accidentally erases the assignment that just took Sarah 5 hours to complete, no worries, there’s a “recover” or “re-populate” button usually integrated within all project management systems which a superior can access. Though, you may want to jump on the opportunity to make the intern sweat and demand a free coffee for the hardship of simply clicking “recover” button, haha.

Thanks to having everything stored on the cloud, project management workspaces can be accessed anywhere in the world. In the event a manager needs to fly overseas for a meeting with a client, and the work hasn’t been completed yet, they can travel knowing co-workers are working in real time to finalize the presentation.

Communication Gaps

Communication is key to any relationship, thanks to project management software, long gone are the days or picking up a phone and calling another department or writing an email and forgetting to copy others, and then waiting for a reply. Instead, live chat is available and real time notes can be attached to every task, so questions, hints, words of encouragement can be communicated every step of the way. As if the managers instructions were not clear from the start, live chat gives everyone the chance to communicate both privately and publicly to root out any remaining confusion of tasks. There’s no need to have a third-party chat that requires yet another window tab open on your screen, simply maximize the chat box within the project management software and voila, start talking.


Never let another project fall behind again, start using a project management system. Superiors are obligated to communicate the mission statement and set clear instructions from the beginning. A project management system is the perfect platform to use for any assignment, it creates a good structure within any organization that leads to maximum customer satisfaction.

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