Good Form In Live Chat

3 min readFeb 24, 2022


Engaging with prospects is essential to running a successful eCommerce website

As we’ve mentioned before, engaging with prospects is essential to running a successful eCommerce website. So, you must understand how to engage.

First, make sure your support team is good at speaking to customers in their native language. The chat team shouldn’t sound like it’s operating in a different country that barely speaks the language of the customer, it can be a huge turn-off and you’ll lose a sale.

Next is to remember that one of the best live chat practices is to keep your visitors engaged with the pages of your website that lead to them converting to a sale or at least a free trial.

If the customer has pricing questions, send them a link to the pricing or shopping cart page. There will be a possibility that whatever link you send to the prospect, may lead them to a 404 error page. This is why your 404 error pages should contain high-value information such as pricing or even a link to “buy now”. If your 404 error messages contain nothing and look like the default white page black font, then you could lose a customer as they will think your website or business isn’t professional, and they won’t visit again.

Keep in mind, the entire time you’re engaging with the prospect, their buying temperature is hot, they are nearly ready to buy or sign up for a free trial. Remember to talk about the benefits and solutions your product or service is providing. Customers asking questions are nearly at the point of purchase, set a catchphrase to give your visitor a little nudge towards the purchase.

Remember the phrase, “it’s not what you say but how you say it?” Well, things can be taken out of context easily via text, so it’s important to always keep the mood cheerful and constructive in answering questions positively. Your chat support team should understand customer needs and desires so that the appropriate response can be made.

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